The must have decking installation tool.

Speedeck comes in two ranges, PRO and HANDYMAN.

The PRO, for the professional trades person, is 17mm thick in sizes – 86mm and 90mm that position 5 boards including 136mm and 140mm that position 4 boards. The HANDYMAN is suitable for DIY decking projects, is 13mm thick and comes in sizes – 90mm a 5 board lay and 140mm a 4 board lay.

Speedeck features a Porta® Tasmanian Oak handle and V shaped Patented Teeth to the underside of the gauge. When positioning the tool, align the teeth between each decking boards and give it a firm tap of a hammer on both top edges of the tool. The teeth will then engage and set a 4/5mm gap approx. mid way on each tooth.


Saves time and energy.


Sets perfect gaps every time.


4x faster installation.

In Safety

Keeps hands clear of power tools.


Pays for itself in the first hour.


A professional finish every time.

For more information, download our handy factsheet.

How to use the Speedeck tool.

TO BEGIN we always recommend that the first board be string lined providing a straight edge. This ensures the tool will work at its maximum capacity and provide an accurate and parallel structure. Simple tip: predrilling boards prior to installation, makes the job much easier when screwing or nailing to joists.

Important: The Speedeck gauge must be appropriate to the width size board that will be installed.
For example 90mm decking gauge requires the 90mm decking boards and will not work with 86mm boards.


Position first and last boards using Speedeck. Continue positioning and fixing the boards in this manner across the whole deck. This will quickly give a supporting structure to walk on and provides an overview of the entire structure to ensure the layout is parallel to the joist.


Drop in the middle boards between the first and last boards that are now fixed from Step 1. Lower the tool into position give a firm tap of a hammer to the top sides of the tool. The V shaped teeth will engage and set the gap. Hold the tool in place and fix boards to joists. The tools V shaped teeth will extract with ease once boards are screwed or nailed to joists. Repeat this till all boards are installed.

What tradies are saying about Speedeck.

  • What would we ever do if this brilliant tool got taken away...what a perfect design James Collins @jimmycollins6
  • We can’t keep up to demand on these things! 90mm by far the most popular. Demak Timber
    Demak Timber
  • Looking forward to giving Speedeck a go. Will make laying a deck a lot quicker. Adam Dovile
    Adam Dovile